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Interview: Jeanette from MJP Luxury Weddings Jamaica

Jamaica is one of the top wedding destinations in the Caribbean, so we asked wedding planner Jeanette what you should consider if you're thinking of getting married there.

How did you decide to become a wedding planner? / What inspired you to start your business?
In 2009, following a vacation to Jamaica, I decided that I wanted to bring the passion that I have always had for weddings to the island as I had fallen in love with its beauty and charm. To me Jamaica felt like the perfect place to get married!

After returning home in London, UK, I was given the opportunity to help plan and design a friend’s wedding in Jamaica which was an amazing and insightful experience and which although was a lot of hard work I thoroughly enjoyed.

This led to me deciding that I would get full satisfaction from planning weddings on a full time basis in the Caribbean as well as within the UK.

I thoroughly enjoy being able to see the look on my clients faces when I bring the vision of their Caribbean Wedding to life.

Being a wedding planner is very hard work and is extremely demanding but it’s also a very rewarding profession and I absolutely love what I do.

What's the best part about being a wedding planner?
The best part of being a Destination Wedding Planner is being able to provide my clients the opportunity to marry in Jamaica in a setting that is exponentially different from having a standard hotel type wedding. This is because we have built relationships with some of the best venues and Wedding suppliers Jamaica has to offer. I thoroughly enjoy being able to see the look on my clients faces when I bring the vision of their Caribbean Wedding to life.

Which areas of Jamaica do you enjoy organising weddings in, and why?
I organise weddings all over Jamaica but must say my favourites tend to be around the North Coast. I absolutely love beach weddings! A beach wedding offers a completely surreal experience, filled with tonnes of magic and romance.

What's the most unusual wedding you've organised?
I haven’t had the opportunity to organise anything too unusual abroad as yet but fingers crossed that I will get a request for something out of the ordinary soon!

What's the most popular type of wedding you organise?
The most popular type of wedding I organise are marquee/beach weddings.

What advice would you give couples wanting to get married in Jamaica?
  • Choose a planner you trust and which can offer practical advice on getting married in the country you have chosen
  • Arrange a location and venue to suit your style and taste
  • Don’t settle for a mundane hotel wedding, whereby you are likely to get photo bombed by other inquisitive hotel guests!
  • Try to avoid Jamaica’s rainy season if possible which falls May, and October through to November.
  • Research!

MJP Luxury Weddings Jamaica

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Location: London, UK
Business Type: Wedding Planner
Contact: Jeanette Spencer

Are you from the UK and thinking about getting married in Jamaica but need help finding and intimately beautiful location?   
We specialise in luxury packages, for UK residents mainly, which includes sourcing out the best venues and suppliers. We heavily invest our time in arranging all the intricate details for your perfect day.    
MJP Luxury Weddings Jamaica work with an array of trusted suppliers and mainly plan and design villa and beach weddings. We work with a list of smaller and more exclusive venues allowing us to be able to create more bespoke and personal events, more specifically designed to cater to the taste and needs of our clients.

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