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Interview: Hannes from Pink Iceland

Spectacular Iceland is one of those countries which blows you away with its incredible countryside, whether you go in summer or winter. It also happens to be an excellent choice for a destination wedding as it's quite straight forward to get married there. We asked wedding planner Hannes to share his thoughts on why you should choose Iceland for your wedding abroad.

How did you decide to become a wedding planner? / What inspired you to start your business?
It kind of just happened. Two of my best friends started an LGBT travel agency and offered me to join the company back in 2011. We always knew we were going to offer a wedding planning service on the side but had no idea it would take off as it did. Luckily I come from a background of event planning and worked as the creative director of big event planning agency before I joined Pink Iceland so I already had some experience in the field. Now, with 5 full-time wedding planners and over 500 weddings later it’s safe to say you’d be hard pressed to find someone better than Pink Iceland to plan a wedding in Iceland!

What's the best part about being a wedding planner?
All the feels of course! We are also very lucky to live in Iceland which isn’t necessarily the obvious choice for a destination wedding, which in turn means that the couples that decide to get married in Iceland tend to be quite fun and adventureous. Its a privilega to be in a line of work where you get to know your clients as intimately as we have to as wedding planners and usually by the end of the process you’ve not only made someone’s dream come true but quite often you’ve made great friends. 

Which areas of Iceland do you enjoy organising weddings in, and why?
My dream is to organise a wedding in the West or East Fjords of Iceland. Somewhere wildly off the beaten track. The eastern and western most parts of the country are incredibly beautiful and would make for incredible photos - and the locals are amazing! Unfortunately I’ve not had the chance yet. Some of my collagues have though and im wildly jealous. So please if any prospective couples are reading this please look these parts of the country up and get in touch with Pink Iceland and make sure you ask for Hannes. 

What's the most unusual wedding you've organised?
It was probably the three day Wes Anderson movies themed wedding a few years back where we sought inspiration in Wes Andersons work in every aspect of the wedding. It was truly spectacular and so much fun!

What's the most popular type of wedding you organise?
We mostly organise small and intimate type weddings that tend to take place in the amazing landscapes that can be found right on our doorstep, followed by a reception in a cute country hotel. They tend to be quite adventurous with tours and activities happening on and around the big day itself. Destination elopements, with a big emphasis on photography is also very popular!

What advice would you give couples wanting to get married in Iceland?
I give every couple the same advice, regardless of whether they are getting married in Iceland or any other country: Do what makes you happy and make sure your wedding day is about your love for each other and not about anybody else's expectation as to what your wedding day should be like. Go big or go small, spend lots or little, but remember why you’re getting married and focus on that feeling. 

Hannes runs Pink Iceland

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